Material Details Sell Price Obtain Method
Kobold's Pitchfork [FLAME] Stabby-stab things and have a grand old time. 500 CR Drop: Kobold
Devil's Trident Rare! [FLAME] Those tines are sharp. Careful not to get poked. 500 CR Drop: Kobold
Ruby Hairpin [FLAME] An Angelika's favorite accessory. Isn't it cute? 1000 CR Drop: Angelika
Emerald Barrette [HEAVEN] Brigittas are obsessed with barrettes. 600 CR Drop: Brigitta
Gold Barrette [EARTH] Camillas eat and breathe anything purple. 1800 CR Drop: Camilla
Gustav's Horn [FLAME] A red horn with mystical powers. 1200 CR Drop: Gustav
Auguste's Horn [FROST] An Auguste's horn is ice-cold to the touch. Brrrr! 2000 CR Drop: Auguste
Mercedes' Horn [HEAVEN] Gold Mercedes are a haughty bunch. 4000 CR Drop: Mercedes
Icy Horn Rare! [FROST] Cold. If you lick it, your tongue gets stuck. 500 CR Drop: Auguste
Garmr's Eye [EARTH] A Garmr's favorite gem. You're mean for taking it. 1000 CR Drop: Garmr
Fenrir's Eye [FLAME] A Fenrir's head glows red as flame. 1500 CR Drop: Fenrir
Luminous Eye Rare! [EARTH] A Garmr's eyes glow magnificently in the dark. 500 CR Drop: Garmr
Crimson Eye Rare! [FLAME] A Fenrir sees in all directions thanks to six eyes. 500 CR Drop: Fenrir
Purple Button [FROST] A Stitch's cute button. A literal "belly button." Hah! 250 CR Drop: Stitch
Yellow Button [FROST] Bobbins absolutely love ribbons! 750 CR Drop: Bobbin
Red Button [FROST] Chambrays have funny horns and it makes them shy. 2200 CR Drop: Chambray
Topaz Button Rare! [FROST] A thick button. A pain to sew onto clothes. 500 CR Drop: Bobbin
Garnet Button Rare! [FROST] A pretty button. Looks great on everything. 500 CR Drop: Chambray
Alpha Engine [FLAME] A Huginn's energy source. 2000 CR Drop: Huginn
Beta Engine [FROST] A Muninn's energy source. 2400 CR Drop: Muninn
Golem Core [HEAVEN] Big golems. Small cores. 1000 CR Drop: Golem
Shiny Core [EARTH] Full Metal Golems are actually made of gold. 3000 CR Drop: Full Metal Golem
Alpha Core Rare! [FLAME] Sometimes, it'll do a little jig to warm itself up. 500 CR Drop: Huginn
Beta Core Rare! [FROST] Crushes on Alpha Core. Too beta to say it. 500 CR Drop: Muninn
Tin Mask [VOID] A mask worn by a shy guy. 100 CR Drop: Tin Soldier
Aluminum Mask [VOID] A mask worn by a smiling face. 700 CR Drop: Tin Sergeant
Brass Mask [VOID] A mask worn by someone who hated it. 500 CR Drop: Tin Trooper
Titanium Mask [VOID] Take this mask and stare death in the face. 1000 CR Drop: Tin Commander
Saint's Medal [VOID] Don't mix up Mimics for chests! Boy, would THAT suck. 1000 CR Drop: Mimic, Gottlieb
Hero's Medal [VOID] It's a Mimic, silly, not a piano! 3000 CR Drop: Big Mimic
Fool's Medal [VOID] If a Super Mimic fools you once...bye-bye, you die. 1 CR Drop: Super Mimic
Rose Quartz [HEAVEN] Which part of a Lunatic is its front? 1800 CR Drop: Lunatic
Rutile Quartz [EARTH] Fanatics easily blend into the darkest of shadows. 2000 CR Drop: Fanatic
Crimson Claw Rare! [FLAME] Claws that are as scalding to the touch as lava. 500 CR Drop: Ferdinand
Pale Claw Rare! [FROST] Fun fact! It would hurt to get cut by these. 500 CR Drop: Gottlieb
Devil's Claw Rare! [EARTH] These are actually looong fingernails. 500 CR Drop: Gargoyle Vanguard
Amplifier I Rare! [HEAVEN] A fantastic invention...if it works, anyway. 500 CR Drop: Golem
Amplifier II Rare! [EARTH] Mysteriously amplifies the power of magna. 500 CR Drop: Full Metal Golem
Lunatic Stone Rare! [HEAVEN] Lunatics often spin like a top till they get dizzy. 500 CR Drop: Lunatic
Fanatic Stone Rare! [EARTH] Fanatics get upset whenever you take these. 500 CR Drop: Fanatic
Bone Necklace [EARTH] Cerberi are born with only one head, you know? 800 CR Drop: Cerberus Puppy
Demon Dog Collar Rare! [HEAVEN] A Cerberus' three heads vote on everything. 500 CR Drop: Cerberus
Glowstone [HEAVEN] From a Cerberus' collar. It's very shiny and cool. 2400 CR Drop: Cerberus
Devil's Hoof [VOID] Nightmares have horns, but hate being called unicorns. 2000 CR Drop: Nightmare
Amethyst Brooch Rare! [EARTH] Camillas like this and will fight you for it. 500 CR Drop: Camilla
Dragon Scale Rare! [HEAVEN] Mercedes hate Full Metal Golems. Meanies. 500 CR Drop: Mercedes
Devil's Heart Rare! [HEAVEN] Devil hearts beat 666x a minute. 500 CR Drop: Gargoyle Warrior, Gargoyle Ancestor
Magnetite Shard For crafting. Magnetite with no imprinted skills. 2500 CR Shop.
Raw Magnetite For crafting. Magnetite with no imprinted skills. 9000 CR Shop.
Magnetite Ore For crafting. Magnetite with no imprinted skills. 11000 CR Shop.
Pure Magnetite For crafting. Magnetite with no imprinted skills. 15000 CR


Magnetite Gem For crafting. Magnetite with no imprinted skills. 20000 CR

Drop: Full Metal Golem, Gargoyle Ancestor, Super Mimic

Abyss Fragment Succeed in crafting, get Rank +1. Fail, get a pet rock. 1 CR Drop: Fenrir, Super Mimic