D-...Don't treat me like a child!
— Gabriele [1]
Normal | Maid
Japanese name: ガブリエーレ
Japanese VA: Yui Ogura
English VA: Christine Marie Cabanos

Personality Edit

Gabriele is the youngest of the faerie sisters. She, like Charlotte, has a lively demeanor and enjoys interacting with people. However, she can get pretty cheeky and bossy at times, insisting that people show great respect for her, calling her "Queen Gabbie", but genuinely cares for the individuals around her. She's quite immature compared to her older sisters, insisting that she is grown up, despite how playful and curious she is. Deep down, Gabriele is insecure about her childish behavior and greatly respects Adelheid and Beatrix, and acknowledges Luchs later on. She is recruited at the end of Chapter 6.

Battle Quotes Edit

  • "My turn!"
  • "We'll find a way for sure!"
  • "Eehee...!"

Max AP Edit

  • "I'm not gonna hold back anymore!!"
  • "Is everyone okay?"

Tension Max Edit

  • Quote
  • Quote

Stats Edit

Movement: 5
Range: 2
Attack: 1
Mobility: 4
Overall Balance: 12/20

Trivia Edit

  • She first seen when Luchs and the other spirit girls save her from drowning.
  • She is called "Queen Gabbie" by Noëlle and Chamoniz.
  • Gabriele is the youngest of the Spirit girls.
  • Gabriele's favorite food is pudding, as mentioned in Chapter 7, if Luchs chooses to observe around the inn.
  • Gabriele shares her English voice with Ingrid, by Christine Marie Cabanos.
  1. Japanese
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