I'll do the fighting! You just give me the orders!
— Charlotte[1]
Normal | Maid
Japanese name: シャルロッテ
Japanese VA: Ai Kayano
English VA: Danielle Judovits

Personality Edit

Despite being one of the older spirits, Charlotte's energetic, lively, optimistic, and youthful personality makes her act more younger. She has a tendency to be a bit of to be klutz, and thus is not good with household chores in comparison to Beatrix, and is often very naive. She's an easygoing and friendly girl, who enjoys being cheerful and this affects how well she gets along with others. She makes a great comparison to Beatrice's more calm, collected, mature, and observant personality. She is often causing trouble for Luchs and the other spirits at times, but makes up for her expressive, charismatic positive qualities in which Beatrix rather envies in her. She is shown to be quite responsible at times, as she is first seen saving Luchs from monsters. She can be clumsy and troublesome at times as well, but catches on to things quicker than some of the other spirits. Charlotte is also determined in becoming a great chef like Beatrix, but considering that cooking is not her forte, she does other household chores, in which she can handle more responsibly. However, her true strength is fighting, as she is known for being the strongest spirit.

Battle Quotes Edit


Max AP Edit

  • "Ready to go...!"

Tension Max Edit

  • "Ha! You're so predictable!"
  • "I can see your every move!"


Flawless (Long Sword)
A short range type of sword. The attack range and fighting strength balanceが取れた、an easy to use weapon.


快活な正確で人見知りもせず、 主人公たちもすぐに打ち解けていく。 不器用で失敗が多いため、家事全般、 特に料理などは出来ず、台所に立つなとまで言われてしまう。

Stats Edit


Range: 4

Attack: 5

Mobility: 3

Overall Balance: 15/20

  1. あの……やっぱり、料理が上手な女の子の方がいいですよね?
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