Efficiency is a fine companion to visual presentation
— Beatrix[1]
Normal | Maid
Japanese VA: Minori Chihara
English VA: Alexis Tipton
Gender: Female

家事全般に通じる完璧なタイプ。 料理については本人も好きで上手くなったものであり、かなりの腕前。 みんなのことは好きではあるのだが、 もうちょっとキチンとしてほしいな…とは思っている。[2]

Personality Edit

Beatrix is known for her calm, collected, cool-headed personality. With grace and elegance, she is one of the more mature spirits. She is always prepared for things and likes to keep her room organized and neat. She easily shows interest in everything she picks up on and is open to hearing anything. This is the reason why she is always researching and sharing her knowledge on important things to know about. She is the most skilled of the spirit girls when it comes to household chores such as cooking. She enjoys doing this regularly in her spare time, which is often why she or Amelia are the chefs when preparing meals for the Inn, but wouldn't mind if the kitchen were a bit bigger.

Stats Edit

Movement: 2

Range: 4

Attack: 2

Mobility: 3

Overall Balance: 11/20

Trivia Edit

  • Coincidentally, she is Spirit No. 2 and happens to be the second spirit that Luchs encounters.
  • Beatrix's voice actress, Minori Chihara, is also known for Sofia from Rune Factory 3, a franchise made by the same people who created Forbidden Magna.
  1. コホン。いいから早くお座りになって
  2. 家事全般に通じる完璧なタイプ。 料理については本人も好きで上手くなったものであり、かなりの腕前。 みんなのことは好きではあるのだが、 もうちょっとキチンとしてほしいな…とは思っている。
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