Area Name Sub-Area Name Stage Level Details Enemies Availability
Famille N/A N/A N/A N/A From the beginning
The Farm The Farm I 1 Amelia sells her veggies in town too. They have a reputation for being fresh and delicious. Tin Sergeant (Tin Soldier), Bobbin (Stitch) Chapter 3
The Farm II 2 The farm has a lovely view of the ocean, but the salty air can be damaging to the crops. It makes cultivating here harder than you think. Tin Sergeant (Tin Soldier), Bobbin (Stitch), Mimic, Generator
The Farm III 39 Bart helps out with Amelia's farm however he can, so she sells the veggies to us on the cheap. The inn gets no guests, though, so we wind up eating them all ourselves. Tin Commander (Tin Soldier), Ferdinand (Stitch), Generator Final Chapter
Ray Crystal Cave Ray Crystal Cave I 10 The cave isn't exactly pretty to look at, what with it being rocks on top of more rocks for scenery. But crystals are here too, so it's got its uses. Tin Trooper (Tin Soldier), Bobbin (Stitch), Golem (Tin Soldier) Chapter 5
Ray Crystal Cave II 11 There's always a danger of cave-ins, especially in caves made from earthquakes. Like... You know. This one. Bobbin (Stitch), Golem (Stitch), Mimic, Generator
Ray Crystal Cave III 39 Exploring this far into the cave only to find it's a dead end was a big let-down, but I only punched the wall in frustration in my mind. Still, ow. Tin Commander (Tin Soldier), Chambray (Stitch), Ferdinand (Stitch), Generator Chapter 12
Lunéville Way Lunéville Way I 10 This river flows down from Mt. Elden. Made from melted snow, it's pleasantly cool in the summer and freezing in the winter. Tin Trooper (Tin Soldier), Bobbin (Stitch), Golem (Tin Soldier) Chapter 5
Lunéville Way II 11 A rope was hung along the riverbanks to keep people from the edges, but it doesn't stop the kids. They have too much fun playing there, despite the danger. Bobbin (Stitch), Golem (Stitch), Mimic, Generator
Lunéville Way III 27 Even the longest journey begins with a single step. Lots of journeys began on this road, but the island is small, so their goals couldn't have been that far. Nightmare (Kobold), Gottlieb (Kobold), Big Mimic, Generator Chapter 9
Tornesch Isle Tornesch Isle I 19 The waters here are so clear, staring into them almost makes it feel like you'll be sucked into their depths. Which would be bad, because then you'd drown. Tin Trooper (Tin Soldier), Brigitta (Angelika), Garmr (Angelika) Chapter 7
Tornesch Isle II 20 Lots of fish swim in the waters here. New fisherman think clear water means easy work, but that just means the fish can see them, too. They're too smart to be caught. Brigitta (Angelika), Garmr (Angelika), Mimic, Generator
Tornesch Isle III 27 Most new islands are formed from volcanic activity, but this one wasn't. No one knows what force pushed it up from the bottom of the ocean. Nightmare (Kobold), Gottlieb (Kobold), Big Mimic, Generator Chapter 9
Heldt Base Heldt Base I 64 The machine with the three spinning blades at the back is called a "fan." It's used to keep air moving...and cool off soldiers pretending to be on patrol. Nightmare (Kobold), Huginn (Lunatic), Golem (Kobold), Full Metal Golem (Lunatic) Chapter 12
Heldt Base II 74 Geothermal activity means this base is forever hot and muggy. Most troops hate being assigned here, except those who are looking to lose some weight. Cerberus (Cerberus Puppy), Muninn (Fanatic), Fenrir (Cerberus Puppy), Full Metal Golem (Fanatic)
Heldt Base III 84 Going around this base sounds like a good idea at first, until you realize that just leaves you open to being attacked from behind. Cerberus (Cerberus Puppy), Huginn (Lunatic), Fenrir (Cerberus Puppy), Full Metal Golem (Lunatic) Final Chapter
Heldt Base IV 94 Why does Heldt maintain a military base when there's no war? Do they think it's because there's some huge threat that's biding its time, waiting to attack? Nightmare (Kobold), Muninn (Fanatic), Super Mimic, Gargoyle Ancestor (Fanatic)
Alsace Plains Alsace Plains I 4 Close to the Tornesch Ocean, the plains are edged in steep cliffs. One misstep could mean bye-bye. Tin Sergeant (Tin Soldier), Bobbin (Tin Soldier), Bobbin (Stitch) Chapter 4
Alsace Plains II 6 Stare at the horizon long enough and you'll notice that it starts curving for some strange reason. It's a bit unnerving. Tin Sergeant (Tin Soldier), Bobbin (Tin Soldier), Bobbin (Stitch), Mimic, Generator
Alsace Plains III 27 This may be a plains area, but it's not just grass and weeds, you know. It's a perfectly wide open plaza for lots of fun activities. Like...staring at grass and weeds. Cerberus (Cerberus Puppy), Gottlieb (Cerberus Puppy), Big Mimic, Generator Chapter 9
Town Coast Town Coast I 13 The best fishing spot is where Tornesch Ocean and the Nautta Sea merge. During summer, kids like to swim and float along the calm ocean waves. Brigitta (Angelika), Bobbin (Stitch), Gargoyle Vanguard (Angelika), Gargoyle Warrior (Angelika) Chapter 6
Town Coast II 14 Though Tornesch Ocean is normally tranquil, legend has it that a killer wave will sweep across the horizon on a certain day of a certain month...or not. Brigitta (Angelika), Gargoyle Vanguard (Angelika), Gargoyle Warrior (Angelika), Mimic, Generator
Town Coast III 27 The Lunéville Ocean Festival used to be about who could recover logs floating in the river the fastest. Now it's more about beating each other up with said logs. Cerberus (Cerberus Puppy), Gottlieb (Cerberus Puppy), Big Mimic, Generator Chapter 9
Nautta Isle Nautta Isle I 19 Small fish are sometimes caught in the shallow pools left by the receding waters. They're easy to catch, so fish for dinner it is. Brigitta (Angelika), Tin Sergeant (Tin Soldier), Garmr (Angelika) Chapter 7
Nautta Isle II 20 These kinds of shallow pools are usually left by a receding tide, but these were made by the rising island. Any poor fish left in them is stuck for good. Brigitta (Angelika), Garmr (Angelika), Mimic, Generator
Nautta Isle III 39 Islands that appear in a day can disappear just as quickly. Makes you realize jus how small and powerless humans are. I just hope this island doesn't sink while I'm on it. Nightmare (Kobold), Ferdinand (Kobold), Big Mimic, Generator Chapter 12
Alsace Cave Alsace Cave I 10 If you're ever caught in a cave-in, the most important thing is to stay calm. Panicking just wastes energy. Tin Trooper (Tin Soldier), Bobbin (Stitch), Golem (Tin Soldier) Chapter 12
Alsace Cave II 11 I hate going into town, but I'm just fine going into these dark damp caves. I run an inn, but I don't handle people well. Something's off, here... Bobbin (Stitch), Golem (Stitch), Mimic, Generator
Alsace Cave III 39 Something about caves fires up the adventurer's spirit. They think: "What could I find in there? Grand treasure? Or a terrifying beast?" Cerberus (Cerberus Puppy), Ferdinand (Cerberus Puppy), Big Mimic, Generator
Campground Campground I 47 The soil along sandbars is very fertile, but it isn't very smart to farm on them. Who knows when the tide will come in and ruin your crops? You'd always be at war with the ocean! Camilla (Angelika), Tin Commander (Tin Soldier), Auguste (Tin Soldier), Generator Final Chapter
Campground II 52 It's warm enough here that you don't need tents. But still, it's smart to sleep under someting, at least. Who wants to wake up covered in morning dew? Camilla (Angelika), Tin Commander (Tin Soldier), Mercedes (Tin Soldier), Generator